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Getting To Know Potential Eagles Draft Picks

When the 2016 NFL Draft starts on April 28th, the Eagles will be starting off with the 2nd overall pick, as they traded up with the Cleveland Browns. Here’s how that trade breaks down

Eagles get:

2nd overall pick

2017 4th round pick

Browns get:

8th overall pick

77th overall (3rd round)

100th overa...

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Final 2016 Mock Draft

4/27/16 Michael(even picks) and Steve(odd picks) This final mock is how we think the 2016 NFL Draft will turn out. In our 2015 mock we hit on 4 picks. We got 8 players in the top 10, and 24 of the first rounders. Here goes nothin’...

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Intriguing Running Back Group

Ezekiel Elliott is definitely considered the top RB in this class by far and Derrick Henry is generally considered next best...

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Draft Prospects: Elite Part 2

4/16/16 Steve Johnson

Continuing from part 1


Vernon Hargreaves III, CB Florida

Hargreaves might just be my favorite player in this year’s draft. He isn’t nearly as big as Jalen Ramsey, but he makes up for it in football smarts and elite cover ability...

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Playing GM: Who We Would Pick Mock Draft


This is different from the typical mocks that we do.  Whereas typically we are trying to predict what would happen this will be who we would take if we were drafting.

Michael(odd picks) and Steve(even picks)

*To note Patriots forfeit their 2016 1st round pick due to SpyGate “scandal”


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