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2018 Final Eagles 53-Man Roster Prediction

By: Steve Johnson

The Eagles have a lot of question marks heading into week one. Luckily, nothing serious, as just a handful of lingering issues. The Eagles were lucky to get out of the preseason and training camp healthy...

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2018 Week 1 CFB Plays

Week 1 CFB Plays

Thursday 8/30/18

Minn -22 vs NMSU (2 unit)

Result: Win, +2 units

Under 53 in NW @ PUR (2 units)

Result: Loss, -2.2 units

Conn +24 vs UCF (1 unit)

Result: Loss, -1.1 units

Friday 8/31/18

No Picks

Saturday 9/1/18


Over 70 in FAU @ OKLA (2 unit)

Result: Win, +2 units

Over 70...

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Madden Community 2019 Draft Class

This year EA gave Madden fans what they’ve been craving for years, downloadable Draft Classes. For Madden nerds, it hasn’t been something that’s ever been in the game...

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