Bryce Harper Signed: The Phillies Make Summer Great Again

By: Steve Johnson

Breaking News: The Philadelphia Phillies have signed Bryce Harper. The contract, signed Thursday afternoon is reported at 13 years, $330 Million. Earlier this week it was being reported, the Harper camp was looking for an opt-out clause after 3 years, but the Phillies and Harper were able to get this deal done without the clause, as well as a no-trade clause. This deal marks the highest contract ever in Major League Baseball, topping the deal Manny Machado just signed with the Padres last week. The 26-year old All-Star Outfielder was added, making the Phillies arguably the most active team in the offseason. Earlier in the year, the Phillies signed Andrew McCutchen, traded for Jean Segura, and most recently traded for J.T. Realmato. Adding those four pieces undoubtedly gives the Phillies a very impressive lineup. One way the Phillies could look on opening day would be…

1. LF Andrew McCutchen

2. SS Jean Segura

3. RF Bryce Harper

4. 1B Rhys Hoskins

5. C J.T. Realmuto

6. 2B Cesar Hernandez

7. CF Odubel Herrera

8. 3B Maikel Franco

9. Pitcher