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Eagles 53-man roster prediction

By: Steve Johnson

The Eagles finished their 2016 preseason with a 14-6 win over the New York Jets on Thursday night, finishing 4-0. Hopefully the Eagles outscoring their preseason opponents 81-38 will be a sign of good things to come this season...

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Getting To Know Potential Eagles Draft Picks

When the 2016 NFL Draft starts on April 28th, the Eagles will be starting off with the 2nd overall pick, as they traded up with the Cleveland Browns. Here’s how that trade breaks down

Eagles get:

2nd overall pick

2017 4th round pick

Browns get:

8th overall pick

77th overall (3rd round)

100th overa...

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What the Sam Bradford Deal Means for Eagles

3/5/16    Mike Duncan

There had been a lot of heated debating in Philadelphia about what the direction the Eagles should go with the quarterback situation.  Most of this talk revolved around whether Sam Bradford was a franchise level QB...

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