Draft Profile: Josh Allen, QB Wyoming

By: Steve Johnson

Josh Allen, QB Wyoming

6’4 7/8 237 33 1/4″ arms, 10 1/8″ hands

4.75 40, 33 1/2 vert, 119″ broad jump


2014(JUCO): 127/259 for 2055 yards. 26 TD, 5 int

2015: 2 games. 4/6 for 51 yards.

2016: 14 games. 209/373 for 3203 yards. 28 TD, 15 int.

2017: 11 games. 152/270 for 1812 yards. 16 TD, 6 int.

Misc. Stats: Rushed 237 times for 767 yards. 12 TDs. Caught 2 balls for 6 yards and 1 TD.

Accolades: 2016 Second Team All-Mountain West

Injuries: Broke his collarbone in 2015.

History: Grew up on a 3,000 acre farm, 40 miles outside Fresno. Also played basketball and baseball. Rather than play just one sport or transfer to a more prominent school, his family decided to live by their mantra “you bloom where you’re planted”.The two-star recruit received no NCAA Division 1 scholarship offers. He attended Reedley College, where he sat the first three games. When he entered the 4th game, he ran for 4 touchdowns and quickly became the starter.

Strengths: Ideal size. Incredible arm strength. Can place the ball into holes, others simply cannot. Can escape pressure with strength and speed. Playmaking ability when the play breaks down. Has large hands and experience playing in the frigid North.

Weaknesses: Tries to do too much unscripted. Can be too aggressive at times. Accuracy issues, never had a high completion percentage. Doesn’t put a lot of touch on his short to intermediate throws. Accuracy for throws on the run are below average. Doesn’t always go through his progressions.

Overview: Allen is a big, strong armed pocket passer. He can make throws that a lot of Quarterbacks can’t. He also makes some poor throws and reads, that will need to be worked on at the next level. Ultimately, he will go in the first round because of the tremendous upside, but he’s a ways away from being a quality NFL starter.

Draft Projection: 1st Round 

Phanaddict Draft Grade: 6.35

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