Draft Prospects: Elite Part 2

4/16/16 Steve Johnson


Continuing from part 1


Vernon Hargreaves III, CB Florida

Hargreaves might just be my favorite player in this year’s draft. He isn’t nearly as big as Jalen Ramsey, but he makes up for it in football smarts and elite cover ability. With short arms (30 5/8″) and small hands (8 3/4″) he won’t stand out to most on paper, but this player like none other in the draft is a guy you really need to watch on tape. His footwork and hips are what you’d expect from a coaches son (Hargreaves father is the linebackers coach at Arkansas).


Joey Bosa, DE/OLB Ohio State

Bosa, the top pass rusher in the draft doesn’t have the elite pass rush abilities teams covet, but he’s disruptive and tough. He lined up as a Defensive End as a Buckeye, but showed teams in the combine drills that he can play outside linebacker in a 30 front as well. Bosa is 6’5″ 269, with long arms (33 3/8″) and big hands (10 1/4″) that allows him to lock on and control the run. He may have scared some teams off with reports of Ezekiel Elliott and him liking the party scene a little too much. But what should help him is having the NFL pedigree (his father and uncle were back to back first round picks of the Dolphins in 1987 and 1988).


DeForest Buckner, DE/DT Oregon

Buckner, is your prototypical 5 technique DE in a 30 front. He’s massive, standing at 6’7″ 291 pounds with 34 3/8″ arms and tennis rackets for hands (11 3/4″). Buckner, was an all-state basketball player as a prep, but I’m not sure if Hawaii is a basketball pipeline, because he doesn’t have the feet you’d expect from a basketball player. This, and his coming off the ball too high will prevent him from being a 3T in an even front. Buckner does however have teams that run 3-4s drooling as he’s excellent against the run and can lock on and hold the point of attack with the best of them.


Sheldon Rankins, DT Louisville

Rankins, is my favorite defensive linemen in this years draft. He’s got the base (6’1″, 299) and quickness you love a 3T to have. Explosive at the point of attack, and excellent lower body explosion (34 inch vertical and 9’10” broad jump). Has 18 career sacks, even from switching to DE in a 3-4 set his final 2 years in Louisville.

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