Eagles Preseason Notes Game 1 vs Packers

By: Steve Johnson

  • 2nd and inches and Doug calls a Jet sweep to Agholor with Ertz blocking, 2 yard loss. Doug is in midseason form
  • Blount looks to be in pretty good shape
  • For all the people that thought Agholor would beat out Matthews, Nah
  • They brought Gordon in to play fullback on 1st and 10. Doug is laughable
  • Wentz just shook Clay Matthews, kept his head down field and throws to Mack Hollins who stiff arms 2 Packers on his way to the end zone. Wow
  • BG is still a beast
  • Cox with the strip. Says fuck OTAs
  • Eagles took out every offensive starter (except Warmack who was starting for Brooks) after that drive. Smart
  • Wentz finished 4/4 56 yards and 1 TD
  • Jalen Mills doesn’t always talk smack, but when he does it’s usually after he should’ve been called for PI
  • Pumphrey doesn’t look ready for PR duties
  • Terrance Brooks got caught flat footed on that return TD
  • Burton fumbles trying to do too much
  • Terrance Brooks shows some pop on that hit on the Packers RB
  • C.J. Smith allows the TD on the double move
  • Eagles 2nd unit OL is struggling in the run game
  • Derek Barnett sighting! Sacks Hundley
  • Nice play by Kendricks…raising his trade value