Morning After Takeaway: Dallas 10/30

By: Steve Johnson

Wentz has no legitimate weapons

This is like deja vu from the early 2000s, the pre TO Eagles. Jordan Matthews caught 11 balls on 14 targets, but had yet another huge drop. Nelson Agholor (who told reporters that his drops aren’t that big of a deal) looked bad yet again. He’s not even close to the player I thought he would be coming out of USC. Unless he turns it completely around, I don’t see how he is on this team next year. DGB looked better, catching 5 of his 9 targets for 55 yards, but he’s still not there yet. Zach Ertz, was once again missing from this game, someone should really put him on a milk carton. Ryan Matthews, only saw 4 carries, and likely still doesn’t have the trust of the coaching staff. Speaking of trust, don’t expect to see Wendell Smallwood get any carries in the near future.

Doug Pederson coached a bad game

Again, this is deja vu from the Andy Reid era. The clock management issues and the overall decision making needs to be fixed. Not calling a timeout at the end of the 2nd half was puzzling. Wentz threw the ball 43 times and only had 202 yards, it’s like Doug isn’t aware of what the line of scrimmage is. You can’t really blame him for the lack of downfield passes considering the Eagles have no downfield receiving options, but at least take a shot here and there.

Marcus Smith showed up to play

The presumed 1st round bust from the 2014 draft, looked pretty good on some plays. He made 2 really nice stops on consecutive plays. If they can get him going, they have yet another legitimate pass rusher to go with BG and Barwin. Where has Vinny Curry been?

More defensive inconsistency

Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz was once again inconsistent with his play calling. At times, his unit was dominant and it looked like the Eagles had the game in the bag. Then the next series, the Cowboys would drive right down the field with ease. I know blitzing isn’t his thing, and you can’t use it all the time, but it was working against rookie QB Dak Prescott.

The NFL needs to take a look in the mirror

This isn’t a takeaway for the Eagles or the Cowboys, but the NFL needs to take a look at penalties. The game is becoming unwatchable (the World Series crushed Sunday Night Football in ratings last night). I’m all about player safety and making the game more exciting, but at some point you have to let the guys play. The illegal contact on Jalen Mills was laughable, as was the pass interference on Pierre Garcon that ultimately cost Washington a Win.