Possible Free Agent WR options

By: Steve Johnson

DeSean Jackson

The 30 year old former Eagle still has his speed, but for how long? In 2016, DJac produced his fifth 1,000 yard season, catching 56 of the 100 balls thrown his way. Obviously, getting a speedster to help Carson Wentz get the ball down the field would be huge, but DeSean has only played a full season once and he’s only going to get slower with age. I’d think about signing DeSean, but only for a 2 year contract if the numbers are right.

Kenny Britt

Britt is a big (6’3″ 215), veteran receiver that could be a good option to help as an outside possession receiver. Last year he caught 68 of his 111 targets for 1,002 yards and 5 TDs. I like Britt as a cheaper plug in option, that they could use to help groom some of the younger receivers on the roster. Keep in mind, Britt is a New Jersey native, and our shore house buddy Barstool Smitty tweeted this yesterday.

Kenny Stills

Stills, like DJac is a small (6’1″ 194) speedster that is capable of stretching the field. He’ll be 25 this upcoming season so he’s still young enough to draw some big contract interest. But the question is, is he a full time starting caliber WR? 2016 was his first year as a full time starter in Miami, as he was mostly used as a slot guy for New Orleans (2013-2014) and the past 2 years in Miami. Again, I think the price tag will be too high on Stills.

Torrey Smith

Starting to notice a trend here? Speed, speed, and more speed. Smith is a burner, one of the better deep threats in the NFL over his 6 year career. The 28 year old vet, has averaged 17 yards per catch in his four years in Baltimore (2011-2014) and San Francisco (2015-2016). I think this move is the Eagles most likely, as he’s still on the younger side, and he’ll likely be cheaper than most.

Anquan Boldin

Boldin, was a target for the Eagles last offseason but ultimately signed with the Lions. If it feels like Boldin has been around forever, it’s because he has. He started his career in 2003 with the Cardinals, spending 7 years with them, 3 with Baltimore, 3 with San Francisco, and last year with Detroit. Despite being 37, he’s still somewhat productive grabbing 67 balls last year for 584 yards and 8 TDs. Wherever he signs, if anyone wants him, it’ll be for cheap and a 1 year deal.

Kendall Wright

This is one name that nobody has really thrown around for the Eagles, probably because he’s pretty much disappeared after his 2013 campaign. Wright, has just never really figured it out catching only 122 balls since his 94 catch season in 2013. But, like most of the WRs listed above, Wright has speed. He’s still young enough where you might want to take a chance on a 1 year prove it deal, that could always be cut if he doesn’t make the team in August.