To the pit of misery! Philly Philly

By: Steve Johnson

It takes a lot more to get to a Super Bowl than just talent, probably more so in football than any other sport. You need to stay relatively healthy, and not just preventing big injuries, it takes week to week health. And if you do have injuries, you need to have a “Next man up” mentality. Super Bowl teams need to get lucky breaks, like winning a game you had no business winning or having balls bounce off defenders into the hands of receivers. Championship team needs to have great chemistry, drama free locker rooms. They need to be able to battle through adversity, come together when needed. The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles had all of these things, and that’s what makes Sunday’s injury to Carson Wentz’s left knee that much more heart breaking. The MVP candidate was having his break out season, breaking a 57 year old franchise TD record just plays after he laid out for the endzone in the 3rd quarter. While not confirmed yet by team doctors, it is believed that Wentz tore his ACL and possible other ligaments before throwing a touchdown to Alshon Jeffery and taking the lead. I can’t help but think about 2004, when all of these things clicked like they did this year. The Eagles are playing the Cowboys and star WR Terrell Owens catches a slant, tackled from behind by Roy Williams, breaking his leg. I didn’t listen to Eagles play by play legend Merrill Reese yesterday, but I imagine his voice had a similar tone to that day in December 2004 when he said “in games like these, this is what we fear the most”. Today, the Eagles travel back to Philadelphia and Carson is scheduled for a MRI. I’m by no means a religious man, but today I’m praying for the kid, our team, our city, and our dreams.