Two Sources: An Eagles Super Bowl Parade would be Wednesday

Although no official word from the Eagles or the City of Philadelphia, for obvious reasons, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding a potential Eagles Super Bowl Parade. Yesterday, Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad reported that a potential parade would “likely” be Wednesday 2/7. Phanaddict is backing that report. Two separate sources that have knowledge to the situation, have told Phanaddict that if the Eagles were to win the Super Bowl, the parade would in fact be Wednesday. Unfortunately, no other information was provided in terms of a potential route or a time. Purely speculating, but the 2016 Villanova parade started at 1pm, and the Phillies 2008 parade began at noon, the Eagles parade would likely be around the same time. The Phillies parade was held 2 days after their championship, the Wildcats was held 4 days afterwards. Good luck concentrating at work on Tuesday, if you even make it in. Go Birds